Viewing Video Viewer Engagements

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You can view viewer engagements with details including the total number of views, the total number of impressions of the video, the percentage of total views, total number of clicks of the call-to-action button(s), and details of each unique viewer. 

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation Menu and click the video for which you want to view the viewer engagements.

The video details will be displayed.

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2. In the Viewer Engagements section, click See Engagement.

The Viewer Engagements section will be displayed on the left side.


The following table explains the video viewer engagement insights:

TOTAL VIDEO VIEWSTotal number of times the video was played, but not necessarily completed.
TOTAL VIDEO IMPRESSIONSTotal number of times the video page was loaded through a shared link.
TOTAL VIEW RATEAverage percentage of all video views. It is calculated by taking the furthest each viewer watched the video (even if a single viewer watched it multiple times), and taking the average of that value across all users who watched the video.
TOTAL CTA CLICKSTotal number of times the call-to-action button was clicked.
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