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Using the desktop app, you can record both your screen and camera together or just your screen or just your camera. To install the desktop app, refer to Installing Desktop App.

1. Launch dadan Desktop App.

The dadan Home screen will be launched.

Note: If you have not signed in, do so using your credentials.

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2. Select what you want to record. The available options are:

  • Screen & Cam: Records your screen and camera. You can also select if you want to record your entire screen, a particular window, or a custom size.
  • Screen Only: Records just your screen with no camera. You can also select if you want to record your entire screen, a particular window, or a custom size.
  • Cam Only: Records only from your camera

3. Based on what you want to record, set your camera and microphone permissions.

Note: Before you begin recording, check the acoustic indicator to ensure that the microphone is picking up the audio.

5. Select the video quality with which you want to record from the dropdown list. The available options are 240p, 360p, 480p, and 720p.

6. Click Start Recording.

The recording will start after 3 seconds.

7. To stop the recording, click the stop icon on the bottom panel.

The video will be displayed in your dadan account.

A tool panel will be displayed below the home screen. This panel has controls that allow you to control the recording process.

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The numbers in the above screenshot correspond to the list numbers below:

  1. Collapse – allows you to show/hide the tool panel.
  2. Toggle cursor highlighting – allows you to enable/disable cursor highlighting during recording. By default, this option will be disabled.
  3. Reset – allows you to discard the recorded video and start recording again.
  4. Delete – allows you to delete the recorded video.
  5. Pause/Play – allows you to pause the recording and play when required.
  6. Stop – allows you to stop the recording.
  7. Allows you to drag the tool panel to any position on your screen.
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