Use Cases

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Dadan has a proven record for use in many industries and verticals. 

  • Education – With dadan, it is easy to record lessons, build advanced curriculums, asset students, and follow up on their progress. Students and teachers can learn/teach from anywhere, anytime and thus providing homeschooling a whole new lease of life and empowering self-study and distance learning. 
  • Human Resourcesdadan helps Human Resources departments to create reusable videos for new hire onboarding and staff training, ergo saving time and resources. From employee onboarding to compliance and development, videos with a personal touch​ can be created that will enhance employee experience.
  • Customer Service – Use dadan to deliver outstanding customer service. Providing outstanding customer service would be one easy, achievable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience by using dadan’s videos. It helps the customer service team to utilize screen recording videos to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. Send video messages of instructions to your clients, instead of lengthy emails.
  • Marketing – With dadan, it is super simple to create effective and innovative marketing campaigns. Use dadan cloud services to host ad-free marketing videos and embed them on your website.
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