Uploading Custom Thumbnail to Videos

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You can add custom thumbnails to your videos which is a great way of customizing/branding  your videos.

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation Menu and click the video for which you want to add a custom thumbnail.

The video details will be displayed.

add thumbnail 1

2. In the Edit Your Video section, click Thumbnail.

The Upload Thumbnail section will be displayed on the left side. By default, a frame of your video will be added as a thumbnail to your video. 

add thumbnail 2

3. To delete the default thumbnail, click the delete icon at the top-right in the Upload Thumbnail section.

The section to upload a custom image for the thumbnail will be displayed.

add thumbnail 3

4. Drag the image that you want to set as the thumbnail for the video and drop it in the Upload Thumbnail section. 

Note: The recommended size of the thumbnail image is 832px x 536px and the recommended formats are .png and .jpg.

5. Click Save.

The uploaded image will be set as the thumbnail of the video.

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