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You can share dadan videos and upload your videos via Trello, and also facilitate tasks for your team. However, you can use dadan in Trello only if you have installed the dadan Chrome extension. To install the dadan Chrome extension, refer to Installing Chrome Extension.

1. When creating a task schedule in Trello, the dadan logo will be displayed on the Trello card. 


2. Double-click the Trello card of the task for which you want to insert video(s). You can either insert a video for the selected task or add a comment and then upload a video along with it.


O2wsuTBMn FFK6Sr8 GhYkhbUbsmGc0 In0DCGQDGHhMNcWuaPXqwRaULKiW0oZ66Q5BzC25VL6DohmMOexvQm8gwbKdi Vpm3AhRKsE5g7o4aGRJJARsuDr 1h SJT4q2TrJLLL 3. Click Insert Video / the dadan logo.

The dadan dialog will be displayed. dadan  gives you the following options to upload videos:

  • Record New Video – allows you to record a new video and insert it. To record a video, refer to 3.2 Recording Videos
  • Insert Last Recording – allows you to insert the last video that you have recorded.
  • Insert Selected Video – allows you to select any of your dadan videos.

4. Click the required option, select the video, and insert it into the Trello card.

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