Sharing your Recordings with Specific People

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dadan allows you to invite specific people to view your videos or create a public link and share it with anyone, anywhere. However, you must note that people with links to your videos can view them even without a dadan account.

Sharing your video with specific people provides an extra layer of security. If your video contains sensitive information and you’d like to make sure only a specific person or group of people can watch your video, you can enable these features. With dadan’s privacy features you can be sure your videos will only be seen by the intended audience. dadan guarantees the most secure features to protect your content.

1. Navigate to your Personal Library in the Navigation Menu.

Your Personal Library will be displayed.

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2. Click the video which you want to share.

The video details will be displayed.

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3. In the Send Your Video section, click Copy Link.

Note: However, you must note that people with the link to your video can view them even without a dadan account. Now your video is ready to be shared with specific people you choose. Once you have done this, your video will automatically be set to private and inaccessible to anyone except those who have access.

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