Recording Custom Size Videos

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You can record custom size videos using the dadan desktop app. However, this option is only available in the desktop app and not in chrome extension and mobile apps. 

Using the dadan desktop app, you can crop and record a specific part of your screen using the custom size recording mode. This way, you can keep your audience focussed and away from distractions.

1. Launch the dadan desktop app.

The dadan Home screen will be launched.

record custom size 1

2. Keep the screen open that you want to record.

3. Click Screen Only and then click Custom Size.

You will be prompted to select the area that you want to record.

record custom size 2

4. Drag the cursor and highlight the area of the screen that you want to record.

You will be prompted to start recording.

record custom size 3

5. Click Start Recording.

The recording will begin after 3 seconds.

6. To stop recording, click the stop icon on the tool panel.

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