Managing your Cloud Space

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Dadan provides your personal cloud space within which you can store all your video files and manage them. The space utilized on your cloud space will be displayed at the top-right. You can sort and delete videos in your personal cloud space.

1. Click your profile picture in the Top Menu and then click My account.

My Account page will be displayed.

manage cloud space 1 1

2. In the Storage section, click Manage.

The Storage page will be displayed.

manage cloud space 2

You can sort videos in ascending/descending order, by file name and file size.

3. To sort videos, select the criteria by which you want to sort from the Sort by dropdown list. To sort in ascending/descending order, click the sort icon next to the Sort by dropdown list.

All the videos will be sorted by the selected criteria and in the selected order. A sample sort result for the criteria Filesize sorted in Ascending order is shown in the below screenshot:

manage cloud space 3

4. To delete a video, click the Delete button below it.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed.

manage cloud space 4

5. Click Yes, delete it!

The video will be deleted.

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