Managing Video Recording Quality

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You can select the recording quality for your videos based on your requirements. 

Managing recording quality on Chrome extension:

The average quality for videos recorded using the chrome extension is 720p which translates roughly into 1280×720 pixels. However, this will vary depending on factors local to your device:

  • Monitor/screen resolution
  • Internet connection 
  • Quality of your webcam

If your recording is blurry, try one or all of the following: 

  • Restart your device
  • Ensure Chrome is running with minimal overhead – close all unnecessary tabs/applications and make sure you are plugged into a power source.
  • If you’re using a larger monitor, you will see some quality loss in your recordings. To combat this, you can change your monitor resolution to match the 1280×720 pixels guideline.

Managing recording quality on the desktop app:

dadan premium users can choose to record in various resolutions, including HD while using the desktop app. The recording quality depends on the kind of computer you have, and webcam recordings may be lower quality than screen recordings. 

  • Windows desktop app: up to 4K (it is not possible to record above 720p on Cam only)
  • Mac desktop app: up to 4K 
  • Windows desktop app: up to 4K (it’s not possible to record above 720p on Cam only)
  • Mac desktop app: up to 4K 

Note: dadan will default to the resolution best suited to your device and connection. However, you can still manually select a different resolution from the drop-down menu. If the resolution you select is not supported by your device, an alert will be displayed. This will happen if your device height or camera height does not support recording in high resolutions.

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