Managing Appearance

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You can manage the appearance of your video sharing page and customize it to match your brand or company requirements. 

1. Click your profile picture in the Top Menu and then click My account.

My Account page will be displayed.

manage appearance 1

2. In the Appearance section, click Manage.

The Appearance Settings page will be displayed.

manage appearance 2

In the Video Share Logo section, you can upload your brand/company logo. This logo will be displayed at the top-left of the pages with videos that you share. 

3. Click Browse file, select the image file that you want to upload, and click Open. The recommended logo size is 200 x 45 pixels.

Your logo will be uploaded.

In the Video Share Theming section, you can set the background color of your video share pages. 

4. Select the desired color from the Pick Color dropdown palette. In the color palette, you can either enter the RGB code or the Hex code of the required color, or drag the slider to the required color.

The selected color will be set to your video-sharing pages.

5. Click Save.

Note: To restore all the settings to dadan default, click the Reset dadan default button.

Your page appearance will be customized.

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