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  • Managing Personal Library – allows you to manage a library of all your videos, create and organize folders, sort, and duplicate videos, access shared videos, and mark videos as important.
  • Managing Recordings – allows you to record videos, manage video recording quality, and control recording processes. Also allows you to share, download, archive, respond using emojis, comment on videos, add timeline-based comments, rename, view activity logs of videos, and manage shared links.
  • Editing Videos – allows you to configure video privacy settings, add descriptions and tags, and resources to videos. Also allows you to trim, crop, add call-to-action buttons, upload custom thumbnails, and add interactions to videos. Additionally allows you to organize videos into chapters and schedule videos to be published for a set time period. 
  • Managing Analytics – allows you to view video interaction results, view video engagements, and calculate viewer engagements.
  • Managing Integrations – allows you to manage the integration of dadan with third-party applications.
  • Managing Teams – allows you to configure team space settings, manage team members, and delete team spaces
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