Embedding Videos into Webpages

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You can embed your dadan videos into web pages to play them natively and provide a seamless experience for your visitors to watch videos without having to leave your website.

1. Navigate to My Account > Personal Library and click the video that you want to embed. 

The video details will be displayed.

RJG2WxUgfIpsjboFqya2OIA1UwHTU4rIf8KHadcm0qXXlwlmHRjp yCZ3A16nac6FVYgz5fBJpW1hJewjdLDeCvzzMGhnzthkKXG60neGsanpbFh1wRw5D6gmD6iwV5P Y1aOXjY

2. In the Send Your Video section, click the VjHNQysOe7hJRn3n2n6kOZLcwgAKf7P0OpJ4ZNZk9zcPSdc3hoEkadGERuAn7CqJEtteDf5tt3RO1ZLz94GoF CV7ctWqaYTA20in05mWtYlLB1TORMq3bETOWqejQ3jIOgLar78  icon and select Embed.

The Embed code dialog will be displayed.

GE7P05jNsUGByEemAerrE4HZ nIbphBwFVhQwSNvAWkrOW8vRnTph3IJ2UXdjWu4eeNyM9y8H59 n IxbItVeCO FckQrKS9JoWVIein hyuBJkzfPWCvS0kR8 yWyblqWFUISmU

2. Click Copy.

The code to embed the video will be copied to your clipboard. 

3. Paste the code into your website text editor specifically into the HTML block where you want the video to be displayed on your webpage.

4. To hide the title and subtitle on your embedded video, append the video’s embed code with the following:

  • ?hide_owner=true
  • ?hide_share=true
  • ?hide_title=true
  • ?hideEmbedTopBar=true

To hide multiple elements, use the ? (question mark) symbol for the first element and the & (ampersand) symbol after.

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