Deleting Members

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You can delete members of your who are no longer active or are not required in the team.

1. Navigate to Teams in the Navigation Menu.

The Teams page will be displayed.

del mem1

2. Click Manage team space and select Members.

The Manage team space members dialog will be displayed.

del mem2

3. Click the 9AOjFzeu5CGIaJKB2KZiFrKLVO8uWgV W1 DlLALhCwpwX4tuZXDbcpSnWCYexPFRg JASfYfyEvy4Hfrf68 n uB7P6pZGkO9oHg8fMI8625pTmBtt0PO6uJgHiNCbNYMVsXBf  icon in the row of member that you want to delete.

The team member will be deleted.

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