Dadan recording platforms: Chrome vs. Desktop App vs. Mobile App

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This section lists all the Can’s and Cannot’s of Dadan Chrome Extension, Dadan Desktop Application, and Dadan Mobile Application:

  • Chrome Extension
    • Can record your screen, face camera, or both with narration and annotation features to create instantly shareable videos, from your Chrome browser easily
    • Cannot launch from Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
    • Cannot record your camera bubble when you are recording a different application other than the Chrome browser.
  • Desktop App
    • Can record your face camera across any browser or application with high-definition quality, along with other features such as using drawing tools highlighting text, and adding descriptions.
    • Can be used only on Mac and Windows and is not compatible with Linux or Chromebook OS.
  • Mobile App
    • Can record your screen or your camera and share your video directly to Slack, Gmail, Messenger, and other social media platforms.
    • Cannot record in screen and camera modes simultaneously.
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