Cropping Videos

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This feature is useful when you have a part of the video that you find irrelevant after recording and the unwanted part is at the start or at the end of the video. So instead of recording a new one, you can just crop it. This feature allows you to keep selected parts of videos and remove the other parts.

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation Menu and click the video that you want to crop.

The video details will be displayed.

crop video 1

2. In the Edit Your Video section, click Crop.

The video will be displayed in cropping mode.

crop video 2

3. Click Play to begin the cropping process.

4. To crop the video, drag the pointers(circles) of the video progress bar to the points that you want to trim out of the video. 

The timestamps of the selected part of the video will be displayed in the Start and End fields. 

5. To crop the selected part, click Crop

The selected part will be cropped and you will be redirected to the processing page.

6. To keep the original video after cropping the selected part, click Keep Original and Crop.

You will be redirected to the processing page and a progress indicator will appear at the top.

Once the cropping process is completed, a confirmation message will be displayed and your video is ready for further processing or sharing. 

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