Controlling Recording

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You can control the recording process while you are recording videos. You can stop, pause, resume, delete, and reset the recording at any point during the recording process. 

Controlling recording on Chrome extension:

1. Start the recording.

A toolbar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen that you are recording.


2. To pause the recording, click the 4BEiwZqOEZUfkOdIOb5wHyR667I6Op6oMUjyi55lIzlOls6AvwAy0opgqrw8N0wN9MovaFuEs5ZPqG8yLmAec N0 bRnot9u1U7hKAbyOievt031Og4TsE52JTQFOlggMyqnJzkV  icon.

3. To resume recording, click the 6Qu7BQV4lxLgYyaVW2KM2kwQJf4bkFLLNknjmFsPPn8EEQ0zts9G5XLF0XTe71r4QAfMncHVyWPmLbu v8zfB1gm9o58FKjjrLJY8z2  icon.

4. To reset the recording, click the LbIna5HhuR9FD7nbg3n0LebdXcdDBED3CoZaD0aGolEnuVPSPthdh HkFgtGXg8YZsjXYRzJIx87BlPiyT TKPrEPYkUBw vTigwShKA Zlt9O9TLt m0mPrir CJduFQj3EYBEX icon.

5. To stop the recording, click the   icon at the bottom of your screen.

Note: To hide the toolbar, click the BsUuTEaF86pz0lCw0uUABR RcVvqnclU6I03 8GlnruSWQ4Bfbo1DBYvb37WqdOkWEoOrDZK0He5oT2Y5dxzuhuJFvXIEDJwwpJHQxfVt5EF0G icon.

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