Configuring Video Privacy Settings

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You can configure privacy settings such as allowing downloading of the videos, commenting on the videos, allowing users to react to videos using emojis, making the video private, and so on.

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation Menu and click the video that you want to configure the privacy settings for.

The video details will be displayed.

privacy 1

2. In the Edit Your Video section, click Privacy.

The Privacy section will be displayed on the right side.

privacy 2

3. Toggle the switch for the option that you want to enable. By default, all the options will be enabled except for the Private Video option. Refer to the table below for descriptions of the options:

Allow DownloadAllows users to download the video
Show Analytics to userAllows users to view the analytics of the video
Allow CommentsAllows users to comment on the video
Private VideoMakes the video private; not accessible/viewable by anyone. By default, this option will be disabled. 
Emoji ReactionsAllows users to react to the video using emojis
Enable InteractionAllows you to add polls, quizzes, open-ended questions, and more to the video

4. Click Save.

The privacy settings of the video will be configured.

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