Adding Chapters to Videos

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You can organize your dadan videos by adding chapters to them that allow users to easily access the required content.

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation menu.

Your Personal Library will be displayed.

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2. Click the video for which you want to add chapters.

The video details will be displayed.

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3. Click Chapters in the Edit Your Video section.

The Video Chapters section will be displayed on the right side.

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4. Click + Add New Chapter.

The fields to add a new chapter will be displayed.

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5. Enter the timestamp at which you want the chapter to begin and the name of the chapter in respective fields and click Save. Repeat this step to add as many chapters as you want. 

Note: To delete a chapter, click the delete icon in its row.

The chapter will be added and displayed on the video details page.

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6. To jump to a chapter, you can click the timestamp of the chapter in the Chapters section.

The video will be played from the timestamp of the selected chapter.

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