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You can add call-to-action(CTA) buttons to your videos which when clicked will redirect users to a landing page of your choice. CTAs can be used to redirect viewers to your site, or to showcase your products, or to get support and information or to make purchases and so on. You must link a CTA button to a URL and cannot be linked to an email address or a phone number. 

1. Navigate to Personal Library in the Navigation Menu and click the video for which you want to add a call-to-action button.

The video details will be displayed.

add CTA 1

2. In the Edit Your Video section, click Call to action.

The Create a call to action section will be displayed on the left side. 

add CTA 2

3. To enable adding the CTA button to the video, toggle the Enabled switch.

4. Enter the name of the button in the Button Text field.

5. Enter the url to which you want users to be redirected when they click the CTA button in the Button URL field.

6. Select the color of the button from the Button Color dropdown palette.

7. Select the button text color from the Text Color dropdown palette.

8. Select the button style from the Button Style dropdown list.

9. Click Save.

The CTA button will be added to your video and will by default be placed at the top-left of the video.

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